Alienware High-Performance Systems

Pictures of Secret Weapon Iteration 3:

This iteration was designed to fix reoccurring electrical failures.  These failures were seen in every battle up to the design changes implemented in this iteration.

Our previous system used quick disconnects almost exclusively which were unaided by solder.  The wire was also 14 AWG.  Our new system employs quick disconnects aided by solder.  Wire clutter was reduced through the use of terminal blocks.  The 14 AWG wire was replaced with 12 and 10 AWG.


P4210008.JPG (65833 bytes)

This wasn't exactly how it was hooked up for competition

P4210006.JPG (69886 bytes)

This was our ESC configuration before the rewiring took place



P8231176.JPG (869817 bytes) P8231177.JPG (841972 bytes) P8231178.JPG (851551 bytes) P8231179.JPG (862091 bytes)

Testing damage:

Secret Weapon
P8231180.JPG (828083 bytes)

It took a pretty good hit


Concrete Parking Stop
P9051213.JPG (849039 bytes) P9051212.JPG (845995 bytes) P9051211.JPG (867415 bytes)
And gave one right back!