Alienware High-Performance Systems


Metal-May Hem At The ROBOT CLUB & GRILLE

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A bit dazed

P1010010.JPG (696504 bytes)

Going to wait in line

P1010011.JPG (736645 bytes)

In line for fight 1

P1010012.JPG (748983 bytes)


P1010015.JPG (703936 bytes)

In line for fight 2

P1010016.JPG (743079 bytes)

Still in line

P1010018.JPG (713656 bytes)

Still in line

P1010019.JPG (737242 bytes)

RE:Bot leaving

P1010024.JPG (703256 bytes)

The Jouster

P1010025.JPG (713649 bytes)

Double Cross

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Jersey Devil

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I have other pictures, but have run out of web space and need to get some money to upgrade.