Alienware High-Performance Systems

News for August 2005

08.31.2005 I have revamped the pictures page.  It looks much more professional, but the most important aspect is that it has become much easier to navigate.

I have updated most of the pages in the picture section as well, but its mainly formatting, not new pictures.

I did post some picture of the rewired bot they are under Secret Weapon iteration 3.

I have TA duty tomorrow and will try to get started on a SolidWorks tutorial for you all.


Secret Weapon iteration 3

08.30.2005 Well Brian and I got together over the past few weeks to make a few changes for R3.  The robot has been completely rewired.  The electrical system is just about 100% rule compliant, but otherwise it is fully functional.  We took it out for a few test runs and it performs admirably.  I'll be putting a few pictures up over the next few days to show our beautiful new wiring job that shouldn't be as failure prone like the last one. 

As for the CAD tutorials, I apologize in being so very slow, but I'm back at college now and do not have a lot of time to devote to that.  I am however a CAD TA for this semester, so maybe I'll work on a tutorial then, at least for SolidWorks.