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News for March 2004

03.14.2004 Finally posted some pics of the parts that we received from Team Delta.

We also bought 2 victors, a receiver, and 3 wheels for Silver Bullet 2.0

Silver Bullet 2.0
03.06.2004 My friend, Steve, and I stripped the vacuum cleaner down most of the way.   Silver Bullet 2.0
03.05.2004 I bought a bunch of parts for Silver Bullet 2.0 from Team Delta Silver Bullet 2.0
03.02.2004 Started the Silver Bullet 2.0 page Silver Bullet 2.0
03.01.2004 I have started another bot, no not Secret Arsenal, Silver Bullet 2.0.  This is the robot that I will be making for the school play.  You will also find out where the 2.0 comes from when I post a page about it.