Alienware High-Performance Systems


News for January 2003

Date Event Details
01.17.2003 It was brought to my attention that I wasn't giving credit to some people for their parts in the the parts section.  I have since corrected this mistake and I apologize.  Parts Library 
01.14.2003 I updated the CAD section to Include FEA.  I put up two new polls I'm compiling some information to go up, I hope to get it up within the week. CAD/FEA
01.11.2003 I setup a better online store, and encourage all of you to buy some stuff.  T-shirts will be available for sale soon but not quite yet Store
01.09.2003 Yesterday we received our new fans for our ESCs.  I also took the robot in to school to show the parents of next years freshman class as part of the engineering design class.  They were most impressed.
01.02.2003 Well on behalf of Team Secret Weapon I would like to wish everyone a belated happy holidays.  

Our new Lexan has been fabricated

We bought some new fans for our ESCs