Alienware High-Performance Systems


News For October 2002

Date Event Details
10.16.2002 I added some pictures of the the computer that I built

I uploaded a picture of what the ant box will look like for the prospective competition




Hey all-

     I just want to get a head count on whose interested in an event in either Chester, NJ or Linden, NJ.  The event would be open to MWs and lower.  If it ends up in Linden it would be open to HWs.  If you are interested please send a e-mail to or post on the forum with:

  1. Your name
  2. Team name
  3. Robots with weight classes
  4. Preference on location
  5. And anything else you deem important


 Eric Klauser

Captain, Team Secret Weapon


I also fixed the website the borders are back!

10.12.2002 I added some parts to the parts library Parts Library
10.11.2002 Parts Library added Parts Library
10.10.2002 We have been mentioned in Desktop Engineering the October edition (Vol.8 Issue 2) These have been put in the IN THE NEWS section.  They misspelled our names Eric Klusner, Brian Blake. IN THE NEWS
10.08.2002 Well I have converted all of my designs on to SolidWorks.  The next thing on the agenda is getting some designs completed.  I will also put a parts library up on the site for those SolidWorks users Parts Library
10.07.2002 SolidWorks received! Our new sponsor SolidWorks has given us a wonderful new CAD program to use that is much more powerful and easier to use than our pervious CAD program.