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News For May 2002

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05.30.2002 Team Secret Weapon will be at the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Show!  We will be at the SRAC (Structural Research and Analysis Corporation) booth with our robot.  SRAC is the maker of COSMOS/ products which we use to do stress analysis   SRAC

Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Show

05.28.2002 The store is officially open!!

I was looking through the BattleBots Official Guide (I highly recommend it!), and guess what!?!?  Team Secret Weapon is listed in the how to section on page 188!!

More pictures!


In the news



I also added some videos in the pictures section.

The store is also been updated!!



05.13.2002 Well the bot is gone we won't see it until we unpack it out in San Francisco on the 19th.  We also got some more batteries and some new chargers from our friends at Power Sonic.

I also did some link checking.

Power Sonic


05.10.2002 Robot ships today! NONE
05.09.2002 Well we put all the logos on and took some pictures of the finished bot.  I also updated the status page. Building pictures


05.08.2002 We took the bot out for a final test before we pack it up tomorrow.  I left the camera at home so I won't have any pictures for this test.  

I (Eric)  almost fried out ESCs today when I crossed the wires and put a lot of amperage through the system.

05.05.2002 Well we painted the robot as well as added some logos, when all of the cosmetic work is done I will post some picture for you guys to look at.  I have also updated the contact page. Building pictures

Contact us

05.04.2002 More work!
  • All electrical problems solved
  • Rewired the whole robot
  • Wired both master switches
  • Drilled and assembled a spare wheel
  • Started gathering tools for BattleBots May 2002!

12 hrs of work.

05.03.2002 Tested the bot today with fully charged batteries, as well as new wiring and it works, so much for electrical problems. NONE
05.01.2002 Well we got our hotel room reservations, our plane tickets, and set up our shipping plans with Associated Global.  I also noticed that our mail forms are down ... I will replace them ASAP NONE