Alienware High-Performance Systems


News For July 2002

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07.20.2002 Well you people are finally starting to vote on the two CAD polls I have up please continue to do so!  I will post some info on the programs you are voting on a later date.  

I also forgot to mention that Buzzard will not be the our LW's name it will be Secret Arsenal (it fits better).


Our Bots

07.15.2002 Crazy PC is now an official sponsor! 
07.14.2002 Well we might have some new sponsors!

Crazy PC is going to give us some cool components for the custom PC we are going to build.

07.08.2002 I updated the contact page Contact us
07.07.2002 Well I'm back from vacation, I will upload some pictures for the bios when I get my scanner up and running because I wiped my computer. I have compiled a list of what I hope to do over the summer
  • Upgrade Secret Weapon
  • Design a new bot
  • Start construction on the new bot
  • Build a custom computer for CAD and FEA. 

I am also getting rid of the building cam.  It was a nice idea but I was always to lazy to bring it in the shop and set it all up so I think I will scrap the idea, besides all it ever showed was a bad picture of me :( .