Alienware High-Performance Systems



Date Event Details
02.27.2002 Lights out for a lot of bots last night

Bio's Section updated



02.26.2002 How to get sponsors section fixed YES
02.20.2002 Hall of Fame Updated YES
02.20.2002 Lots of flips in last nights fighting YES
02.16.2002 SEASON 5.0 SLATED FOR MAY 2002!!! YES
02.15.2002 Links paged updated YES
02.13.2002 Human Click Service removed because of  loss of free service  NONE
02.12.2002 Tonight's fights were great! YES
02.12.2002 Sponsorship section done YES
02.07.2002 The beginnings have been posted about sponsorship YES
02.07.2002 I'm going to be adding a How to get sponsors section within the next couple of days so stay tuned! NONE
02.06.2002 Hall Of Fame section added YES
02.05.2002 Tonight's fights were great! YES