Alienware High-Performance Systems


News for December 2002

Date Event Details
12.13.2002 Well yesterday since I didn't have any school I worked on the bot little bit but didn't get very far because some of the Lexan panels don't want to come off because the Allen wrench no longer fits because it was collapsed in because of battle damage.

For those of you who have sent e-mails to me and have yet to receive responses, hold on for a bit, school is a bit hectic and I'm getting some extra help. 

As you can also see I have cleared all the old news out of this page and put it in the news archive.


12.03.2002 Well we won't be going to the Lazy Toad Robot Club because of sudden business plans.  I have put an order in more Lexan and I await another hard drive for BattleBots related stuff