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04.28.2002 I put a new logo on the site, also got the frame back from Andersen man are they fast when it comes to welding! NONE
04.28.2002 You guessed it ... more work!
  • 80 holes drilled in 1/8" steel or more (not one burned up drill bit)
  • 80 holes tapped 1/8" steel or more
  • 80 holes drilled in lexan armor
  • 80 holes tapped in lexan armor
  • Weighed the bot (112.5 Lbs.)
  • Stripped frame for welding
  • Broke a tap

This took us 12 hrs of work.

04.27.2002 Guess what? ... More work!
  • Broke 1 tap
  • Mounted 4 pieces of Lexan
  • Discovered some electrical problems
  • Almost put the bot into a lake
04.26.2002 Took the bot out for a drive Building pictures
04.25.2002 Started to add lexan armor Pics soon
04.24.2002 We are now accepted for the May competition.
04.23.2002 I updated the fallowing sections: Status

Pictures of stuff we have

Building pictures

04.21.2002 More work yet again
  • WE TESTED IT!!! ... it works!
  • Wired all components
  • Worked on wheels

This took 5.5 hrs

Building Pictures
04.20.2002 More work...
  • Modified battery box and mounted it
  • Found out that our master switches do not fit
  • Weighed our robot
  • Decided to put lexan on tomorrow

This took 12hrs of work.

Building Pictures
04.19.2002 We did some more work today
  • Installed 1 chain
  • Installed 2 chain tensioners 
  • Came up with the final electronic layout

We have registered for the May event yesterday; however, I don't know if our registration material made it in time for the deadline.  I hope it did.  This took about 4 hrs.

04.17.2002 Ok forget what we said about going this May.  We are reconsidering and hopefully will go. NONE
04.15.2002 I did some work today
  • Put the electronics in
  • Tested motor mounts
  • Put 1 chain on

We have also come to the realization that we will not be attending the May competition of BattleBots. This took about 3 hrs of work.

04.14.2002 We did a lot of work today
  • Mounted wheels
  • Mounted wheel mounts
  • Drilled and mounted motors

This took about 9.5 hrs of work.

Building Pictures
04.13.2002 We did a lot of work today
  • drilled and assembled wheels and sprockets
  • drilled axel mounts
  • set up some guide lines for mounting holes on frame
  • burned up 1 drill bit 6 times 

All and all this took us 10 hrs.  I also highly recommend that anyone who wants to drill steel use TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride) coating, this stuff works great! 

04.11.2002 We received a lot of parts from MSC today.  We hope to be up and running with out armor this weekend, if I can get the building cam in the workshop I will set it up  Building Cam


04.05.2002 I went to Andersen today and we finished the frame!  I have posted some pictures of some of the stuff Andersen's website

Building Pictures

04.05.2002 As I'm sure you have noticed we have moved, Yahoo Geocities took more service away from their free service so now we have arrived here at netfirms. I'm working on getting that HUGE banner changed. NONE
04.03.2002 I went to Andersen today we finally started building!  I took some pictures of welding and plasma cutting witch should turn out really nicely.  I will try to post them ASAP.  On Friday we hope to finish the frame Andersen's website