Alienware High-Performance Systems



Date Event Details
10.31.2001 Eric may be certified for PTC Pro/DESKTOP  YES
10.23.2001 Shirts received order yours today! YES
10.21.2001 How to section updated YES
10.18.2001 Misc. section added YES
10.18.2001 Status page moved YES
10.18.2001 Countdown page added YES
10.18.2001 Possible team meeting this Friday or Saturday YES
10.18.2001 Team Secret Weapon will help with Melick's Town Farm acres of ghouls YES
10.13.2001 Links section updated YES
10.11.2001 Contact section added YES
10.11.2001 Eric's Bio Updated YES
10.09.2001 New picture sections added [our shop and stuff we have] YES
10.09.2001 New pictures added YES
10.07.2001 Sponsorship form reactivated! YES
10.05.2001 Shirts bought NONE
10.05.2001 COSMOS/DesignSTAR received! NONE
10.04.2001 Shirts Scheduled to be bought tomorrow