Alienware High-Performance Systems



Date Event Details
05.31.2001 Our Team has gone into debt NONE
05.30.2001 Controller bought YES
05.29.2001 Prototyping pictures uploaded YES
05.22.2001 Buying/Building scheduled to commence next Tuesday NONE
05.22.2001 Who says nothings in the news YES
05.16.2001 Team Secret Weapon begins to design second robot buzzard NONE
05.16.2001 Team Secret Weapon Welcomes a new member YES
05.15.2001 Team Secret Weapon moves into new address 


05.15.2001 Buying/Building scheduled to commence later this month NONE
05.10.2001 Design completed NONE
05.10.2001 Design approved NONE
05.10.2001 Buying order established NONE
05.09.2001 Price sheet updated.  [current price is $2,000+] NONE