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03.01.2006 I've been working on the redesigned site a lot the past few weeks.  The site is getting a much needed trim.  I've cut a lot of the subsections out.  I'm going to try and launch the site in about 3 weeks.  Not all of the content will be up and running when the site goes live.  The sections that will be 100% are:
  • How To (95%)
  • Sponsors (95%)
  • Store (95%)
  • Pictures (10%)
  • Our Bots (5%)
  • The Team (80%)
  • Links (95%)

The other sections will be incorporated into those sections.  This will give the website a much more streamlined interface.

02.17.2006 I'm going to be doing a re design of the website, nothing amazing, but it should look a lot better when I'm done.  
01.08.2006 Well so much for posting a re-cap of how everything went at R3.  In short, we got our but handed to us in the second round by Terminal Velocity.  The first bout should have gone the other way, but we got stuck and the other bot wouldn't free us.  I take it as a compliment considering all bot really is, is a wedge.  For those that don't want the gory details please skip down to the "*"

Sam from Team Alph and I drove out to R3 together because we both go to school at RPI.  The trip was without event and we arrived in one piece.

Upon our arrival we unpacked the car, it was at this time that I noticed that I left one very key component of Secret Weapon in my dorm... The Controller!  I was very fortunate that the guys from Team Logicom were able to help me out.  I owe them a debt of gratitude. 

Inspection went with almost not issues.  I had a slight weight issue all of somewhere in the realm of .5Lbs over.  We got it down though.  Otherwise inspection went very well, one of the very few advantages of having no active weapons.

FIGHT #1 vs. Chaos Toaster:  Not only was this the first fight for Secret Weapon at R3, it was the first fight of the event.  Immediately after starting I knew something was wrong with the bot, it had very little to speak of in terms of speed.  Chaos Toaster wasn't doing too much either, and consequently I was able to get under him and drive him around a bit.  He did hit me a few times, nothing serious.  In the end I got stuck on the arena (again!).  We were not fortunate enough to have him free us and we were thus knocked out.

After a some thinking it finally dawned on us what was causing all of our problems in the first place.  Black Paint contains Iron.  This wonderful fact meant that we had painted our robot with a thin metal film and created a faraday cage.  The top armor was replaced with an unpainted piece.  The antenna routing was also changed.

FIGHT #2 vs. Terminal Velocity:  TV is a vertical spinning blade, something that we were never designed to fight for the very obvious reason that well they didn't exist in our weight class nearly 6 years ago.  I admit I tried to stay away from the blade at first.  This didn't last long, and once I saw how bad the front got dinged up I decided to minimize damage to the rest of the bot by slamming into the blade over and over again.  As the fight came to a close my power switch suffered a slight hit from TVs blade causing me to stop moving.  TV was smoking because I had melted a good portion of his battery packs.   Overall it was a good fight.

In the end the entire event was excellent, and if I still had a bot I would do it all over again. 

*Well I know it's belated but I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and happy Hanukah.  I also wish everyone good fortune this year.

R3 Pictures

09.27.2005 I have updated the sponsorship page because it wasn't working correctly.


09.26.2005 R3: Rochester Robot Rampage finished up yesterday, and when I finally get some time I'll post a summary of how we did and how others did.

I've archived all news up until this month.


09.09.2005 Well this update comes about a week after the fact, but oh well.  

Steve and I worked on the bot this weekend! Here is a look at what we did:

  • All new armor replacement panels
  • 6 Test runs
  • Almost all of the secondary wiring
  • A second wiring configuration
  • Finished modifying all the battery terminals
  • A few odds and ends

Overall it was a great weekend for causing havoc in my basement.  Pictures of the iteration 3 have been posted.

The SolidWorks tutorial is coming along slowly due to a complete lack of time.

Secret Weapon iteration 3