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How to get sponsors!

Things To Remember:   

  • First of all sponsors aren't necessary, they are a luxury as I have learned.  

  • They don't look for you too often unless you have had airtime ... lots of it.

  • Don't limit yourself by distance, I am from New Jersey I have sponsors from:

                    Power Sonic - California

                    MSC - New Jersey

                    Digi-Key - Minnesota

                    SRAC - California

                    Altech - New Jersey

                    Alienware - Florida

                    Andersen Industrial - New Jersey

  • Don't promise things that you can't 101% guarantee (getting on the show)

  • Don't lie about yourself (age) 

  • Don't lie about anything!

  • Don't use only e-mail, use faxes, and written (typed)  letters and use the departments of: 



                    PR (Public Relations)


                    Customer Support

                    Local branches

  • Give them more than e-mail to contact you by (phone, fax, ect...)

  • Don't look for only Money look for parts or services as well

  • Entrance fee goes up to $300.00 for sponsored bots

  • Be patient I have sent requests to about 100 companies and got 7 to actually give stuff, this is a very high # in my book.

  • Don't be harsh with them, let them choose sponsorship terms if resonable, if they ask you what you want tell them but don't be surprised if you have to back down.


Last updated:

08.11.2004 01:36:52 PM


These aren't fool proof ways results may vary from person to person