Alienware High-Performance Systems


Side  Front 
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Front Side (light off)
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Fried Motherboard Fried CPU
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Building your own custom computer:

  1. First you want to decide on the components for your computer
 Every computer needs:
RAM that is compatible for your motherboard.
Computer case with that supports your form factor (Typically ATX)
Power Supply 
Hard drive
Floppy Drive
Video card (if you don't have on board video)
Operating System
Some optional components: Printer
Ethernet Cards (NIC)
For our computer we chose
AMD AthlonXP 2200+ comp6.jpg (120724 bytes)
: Soyo KT333 Dragon Platinum Edition comp5.jpg (132414 bytes)
GeForce 3

Microsoft Internet Keyboard

comp4.jpg (145675 bytes)
Lain-Li PC-75USB case comp8.jpg (108697 bytes)
Antec True Power 550 Watt power supply

comp3.jpg (136827 bytes)

Western Digital 100GB Hard drive
Sony DVD-ROM drive
Sony Floppy drive
Microsoft Optical Mouse
512MB of DDR-RAM
Custom LCD monitor